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Stick RPG 2

Stick Rpg 2 Walkthrough – Fighting your enemies

July 26 2016 , Written by Stick RPG 2

Warehouse (yellow enemies) Get enough high strength to challenge the drunk in the bar on the second island. He drops the warehouse key. Go to the warehouse next to your basement apartment. You have to kill all the yellow enemies. Afterwards you get $500...

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Stick Rpg 2 Walkthrough – Screwdrivers

July 19 2016 , Written by Stick RPG 2

Screwdriver 1 – Give the drunk guy near the apartments at night an old hot dog from the store. He’ll give you a screwdriver. – Give the screwdriver to the thief by the corporate building to get some cash, negative karma and coca. Screwdriver 2 – Fight...

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Stick Rpg 2 Walkthrough – 3 bullets on the slot machines

July 2 2016 , Written by Stick RPG 2 Published on #Stick RPG 2

Three Bullets on the slots Lining up three bullets on the slots gives you the doomsday glock, the really expensive handgun that you can buy from the shady dealer. It normally costs $1,337,000. Tags: Stick RPG 2 , Stick RPG, StickRPG2 , Stick Rpg 2 Walkthrough...

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